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Why Do I Need a Web Site?


Credibility: On the internet, all sites are on an even playing field. With a clean web site that is easy to navigate, you can compete with other businesses large and small. A web site is vital for success in today's business world. It can increase your credibility, brand recognition, give 24 hour access to your company and increase sales revenue no matter how small your company.

Accessibility: With the benefit of listing directories and search engine web sites, your web site can be found without the phone book! Meta tags, text, page titles and image tags are strategically placed to get your site found and ranked in the search engines for your category and business offerings.

On the Web, you are accessible to an INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER BASE. With the help of a web site and search engines, your services and products can be found. We are in a time where people "Google" everything. You're money is better spent giving yourself a presence on the internet. With the proper keywords and meta-tags, you will be found by the clientele you are trying to reach.

Informing People: Advertising is created to direct more traffic. Your own web site will help you with that traffic! You can use your Web site to display/sell your products, make announcements to your customers, broadcast e-mail messages, post events on your calendar and provide general information about your company.

You get the opportunity to introduce yourself, explain your business, highlight your offerings, and showcase your work or your merchandise. How often do you get to "sell yourself" to a potential customer/client without hearing, "No thanks, I'm just looking...." ? With a web site, your potential customers/clients can visit without feeling intimidated. They are comfortable because they are getting to know your business and services on their terms and on their time.

Constant Contact: Giving out your web site address is like giving out a business card that you cannot lose. Your customers/members/clients can always find your contact information on your web site so you don't lose business due to loss of contact. Should you change phone numbers or location, your customers/clients/members can still find you on the web, again preventing lost contacts.

Impulse shoppers LOVE THE INTERNET! When they decide they want something and want it now....it's just a click away. Let the customer shop your store 24 hours a day/7 days a week- from the convenience of their own home.

Display and sell your products. In a brick and mortar store location, you have to worry about space, displays, and presentation of the merchandise. On the web, there's room for everything. You can showcase it ALL! Sell your items online by taking e-mail orders, or use Paypal's merchant tools and have your very own shopping cart!

Save on printing costs- Have a club or organization that does a newsletter? Publish your news on your club or organization's web site. It can even be password protected for privacy's sake.

Visit "What Do I Need to start a web site?" and "What's In A Name" for some more great information on beginning your business internet presence.




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